Sun Jun 28 2020

Sharpening jointer knives

Here's the new sharpening pad. As you can see, I have crosswise bolts which can be loosened to flip the stone over to either the 120 or 240 grit side.

Here's how the stone with guide rod and blade holding jig work together.

After sharpening the first blade, I decided to take a before picture of the second blade. Here is the starting condition of the blade.

...and here is the same blade after 120 and 240 grit stone and 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Because of the wear, this was actually quite a bit of work to remove enough metal to get to a fresh edge. I would guess that on the worn end, I removed ~.015 of material.

These are not perfect by any means, but I would say they're substantially better.

Last item for the day was to reinstall them on the jointer, setting the blade height correctly. I'll give this jointer a try tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get better results than the first attempt.