Tue Jun 30 2020

Center arm rest lid

After running out for some errands, I mounted all the mold wedge pieces to the base and trimmed it down to size. The width was supposed to be 2.298. Nailed it!

The length was supposed to be 11.115. Unfortunately, best I can tell with a precision scale and a loop, I cut it short by ~.008. I can easily remedy this by just adding one additional layer of glass on one end.

Afterward, I sanded all the radii on the edges. My radius gauges are fractional, so I used the 5/64 gauge to check the radius. It's within .004 of the target, .082, so close enough.

A friend and former colleague mentioned last night that I should use bondo, sanding primer, wax, and mold release to facilitate the release of the part after vacuum bagging. I ran out to O'Reilly Auto Parts and picked a small kit of Bondo. I'm pretty sure I already have some grey primer.

I mixed up a small batch...

...and skim coated the mold. Holy hell this stuff sets up fast. It's been probably 35 years since I last used Bondo, so I had forgotten about that. I wasn't even able to coat the entire mold before the mix was too firm to spread.

Update: The amount of Bondo I applied here was way too much. Spreading it on thick like this doesn't help the surface finish any more than a thin coat, but it takes a lot longer to sand it down smooth and evenly.

The Bondo was supposed to take 30 minutes to harden up, so instead of just sitting around I decided to make a stand for my plans binder. My second workbench has been more or less useless since I've always had to have the plans binder out and available...a very frustrating waste of workspace. This little stand (attached to the cart the engine is mounted to) will address that.