Wed Jul 01 2020

Center arm rest lid

So, my friend's recommendation to use Bondo as a filler was a good one. You can see here how smooth most of the surface is in comparison to the side of the base plate which I didn't get coated. It really improves the surface finish and should, likewise, improve the ease of releasing the part from the mold.

I found that I did, indeed, have some grey primer in my collection of rattle cans. Actually I had two partial cans (don't ask me how I managed to do that...sigh). Anyway, this one seemed to have a little less than the other so I used it.

All primed and drying in the sun.

After sanding the primer with some 600 grit sandpaper, there were a few spots (such as the one shown here) which needed a bit of additional filler.

Since I was mixing up a batch of Bondo to fill the remaining surface irregularities, I mixed up enough to fill the base plate of the stand for my USB microscope. Being a cheap device sourced through Amazon, the base plate barely has enough weight to keep the rig from tipping over. I figured filling it with some Bondo would help keep the stand upright.

After filling the base and setting it aside, I got to wondering if Bondo exotherms like epoxy does. I touched it and wow!, was it hot!

After sanding, there were yet a couple more spots that required a third bit of filler, sanding, then priming (again) and final sanding with 600, then 1000 grit sandpaper. Here it is ready for wax and mold release tomorrow prior to doing the layup and vacuum bagging.

Unless you know me personally, you may be unaware that I suffer from a congenital defect associated with one of the genes on the 43rd chromosome (the Y chromosome). The particular gene is IUTSOSP and leads to a condition known as "I use the shit outta sandpaper". In my case it's been exacerbated by another active gene, TPSHSLII, or "that piece still has some life in it". We who are affected by this malady suffer in silence. Or maybe it's our spouses who actually suffer. ;-o