Mon Jul 06 2020

Center arm rest lid

In preparation for laying up the next five layers which, BTW, will form the tab that fits into the slot going around the arm rest compartment, I cut a couple pieces of aluminum. The one laid on the mold is simply a spacer to match the thickness of the four layers already formed. It is .025 thick. The larger piece of aluminum is .040 thick and will create a space for the flange of the piano hinge. I sprayed both of these with mold release before fastening them to the side of the mold.

Prior to doing the layup of the next five layers, I wanted to check how the dimensions of the layup were working out. This mold is a little over 11 inches long. Unfortunately, I don't have a set of calipers that long. So, I hooked two calipers together. It appears the layup is about .011 longer than expected. Not enough deviation to worry about. I'm going to move forward with the next layers.

The length of the hinge will be 11.115 - 2 x .082 or 10.951. It looks like this piece of .040 thick material will create space in the layup of that dimension.