Tue Jul 07 2020

Center arm rest lid

I pre-pregged five layers of fiberglass. This was the last of the BID fabric from the ACS fiberglass starter kit. I recently ordered more...it should arrive later this week. Getting all five layers saturated with resin was a bit challenging as was squeegeeing out the excess resin.

As I learned last time, I brushed on resin to wet the surface of the existing part. After coating the surface, I used an old credit card to scrape all the excess off.

For the application of these layers, since my primary concern is having a strong tab to engage the groove around the arm rest compartment, I changed the way I'm laying these layers on. For one, I'm laying on all five layers in one go. The overlap is on the side where the hinge will go.

Also, all the tabs are folded onto the top. This means we're looking at the application of ~10 layers on the top...15 at the ends. I'll have to sand this down quite a bit once it has cured.

All that was left was to apply peel ply, felt, and vacuum bag it. You can see where some excess resin had already soaked through the felt. Apparently pre-pregging five layers resulted in a rather high percentage of resin in the layup. No worries...these five layers being sandwiched between the outer four and the inner four aren't particularly structural.