Wed Jul 08 2020

Center arm rest lid

The layup from yesterday had cured overnight, so it was time to peel off the wrapping. Almost like Christmas!!!

So, not the prettiest, but let's do some trimming...

First was to cut away some of the layer to get the screws out.

A bit of tapping back and forth on the two ends had the plate removed.

Then some cutting to cut away the section of the layup over the top of the hinge recess.

At this point, all sides side have been sanded down to roughly the .040 intended thickness.

More trimming and another mold disassembly and the part was free again. Off the mold, I was able to check the thickness and sand any thick spots down.

Time for a test fit with the center arm rest compartment. A bit tight in the forward-aft direction, but not too bad.

Mold reassembled and part reinstalled in preparation for the last four layers.

This last layer is going to be a bit challenging. I need to form a lip with the outer four layers that is precisely aligned with the lip of the inner four layers. I decided to makeup some aluminum sheet metal pieces to reference the bottom edge of the inner four layers, and transfer that reference to the outer four. Here's the first aluminum parts in place.

Next, I fabricated some .040 thick spacers. Tomorrow, I'll fabricate the aluminum pieces which will be used to form the lip on the outer four layers.