Mon Jul 13 2020

Center arm rest lid

Sometime between yesterday afternoon's foam wedge sanding fiasco and now, I decided to try to use my mold to create the wedge for the aft end of the lid. Because the width of the mold is sized for the lid layup (i.e. 13 layers), I kind of need to use the same number of layers for this little wedge. It's total overkill, but whatever. Here are 13 layers all pre-pregged...mostly stacks of two, with one stack of three.

This is what a 13 layer layup looks like. Not pretty, but it should be good enough. BTW, I sprayed this section of the mold with a fresh coat of mold release before applying these.

Peel ply applied as well as felt. Can you tell that my supply of felt has run out and I'm now raiding Kerin's crafting felt. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Vacuum bagged. Hopefully this approach will work better than yesterday's attempt.