Tue Jul 14 2020

Center arm rest lid

Here are the 13 layers after pulling off the peel ply and felt.

I sanded down the top, sides, and back.

Only the top edges needed sanding to match the radius of the lid.

Then I removed it from the mold. Most of this will get trimmed away.

In order to determine how much gets trimmed away, I need to check the lid fit in the center arm rest compartment. Previous test fits seemed to indicate that the lid is slightly longer than planned. To see how much this angle bracket needs to move aft, I drew a line across it as well as the edges of the sheet metal.

...then, with compartment and angle removed from the fuselage, and the lid temporarily positioned, I can see that the line I just drew on the angle is offset from the lines on the sheet metal edges by about .020. This means I need to file the angle down by this much to let the lid fit correctly. I'll take a more precise measurement in the morning. Of course, with the change in position of this angle, I'll have to fabricate a new .040 thick sheet metal bracket which attaches the angle to the flap actuator tunnel.