Thu Jul 16 2020

Center arm rest lid

I took some measurements to determine how mych this little bracket needed to be moved aft. Unfortunately, once I knew how much to file off, I promptly sanded it down too much. Sigh. Well, like I've mentioned previously, I have plenty of scrap Z brackets.

Here's the new bracket fashioned from (yet another) scrap Z bracket. The lid fits awesomely with this new position! W00t!

It doesn't really show up here, but I also made a new angled mounting plate for this Z bracket. The lid fits so nice...I'm really happy with how this is turning out.

The next step was to cut down the recent layup. I marked around the top surface and cut and sanded it to the same height as the exposed portion of the lid.

Here is how it's going to get bonded to the aft end of the lid. It was late in the day, and although I really wanted to mix up a batch of epoxy and bond this together, I decided that doing hasty work was likely to lead to frustration. Maybe I'll run out and get some of the regular-speed hardener tomorrow and glue this to the aft end of the lid in the morning.