Mon Jul 20 2020

Center arm rest

My epoxy order hasn't arrived, so I started the day by working on trimming the aft wedge of the lid. I positioned it next to the center arm rest and flap actuator tunnel and marked the spot to cut.

Here is most of the waste cut off with the cutting disc.

I decided to use the disc sander to creep up on the line.

So, umm, yeah...apparently it's not a good idea to go too slowly with the disc sander. The heat generated burnt the layup. Arg. :-/

After more sanding, the lid was pretty much a perfect fit to the flap actuator tunnel. There is enough clearance for a few sheets of paper.

And, fortunately, it looks like I had enough material left that I sanded the burnt edge away.

Next up was to trim the top edge of the center arm rest compartment to make clearance for the hinge eyes. I setup a piece of angle iron as a guide.

The angle iron worked out great. Only minimal filing was needed thereafter.

Here's what it'll look like once the hinge is all mounted. This is just a scrap piece of hinge temporarily taped in place.

I thought about also trimming the inner lip. I trimmed the similar inner lip on the lid, but it actually doesn't need to be trimmed. I think I'll leave it.

Until now, I've not known what I was going to do for a latch for this lid. I've been thinking about it quite a bit and was initially planning to make a latch which would engage both at the front and the back of the lid. However, that would add a lot of complexity. With the lid in-hand, I can see that it is quite stout and resistant to getting twisted, so I decided a single latch in the center would be sufficient. Here's a sketch of the latch concept (top), as well as a little custom piece I need to fabricate.

To hold the latch in the latched position, I found a little torsion spring in my container of random springs I've collected over the years.

I did a mockup of how it'll work. Looks good.

Then I got started on making the little latch which will rivet to the hinge. It needs to have a couple areas thinned down. I was going to try to do these with a sander and files, but the sander grabbed it and ground it down below the .085 desired thickness. Maybe I'll check with my brother, Chris, to see if he'll let me use his milling machine.

Chris was kind enough to let me come over after he wrapped up with work for the day. Got the latch machined. It still needs work, but it is the kind of work I can do in my shop easily enough...cut it out, cleanup the edges, etc.