Wed Jul 22 2020

Center arm rest lid

I finished up turning my little custom, tapered reamer on the lathe. I used a cutting disc to cut out a quadrant and ground the cutting edge sharp with a dremel. Hopefully this works. It's mild steel, but it only needs to ream out two on a test part, and the other on the finished part.

Yeah, no. That didn't work at all. The cutting edge dulled in about three turns. Sigh.

So, I used the lathe to turn a tapered wood sandpaper drum that I could chuck into a drill from the outside.

The sandpaper drum approach worked pretty well. It dulls the sandpaper quite quickly, but here's a preview of how the button will look.

Also, my fresh epoxy came from Amazon today.

I mixed up a test batch. Works as expected...a short time later, this batch could be sanded without clogging up the sandpaper. Not tacky at all.