Thu Jul 23 2020

Center arm rest lid

Now that I have some good epoxy, I mixed up a batch of micro and filled in the gap at the aft end as well as a few spots on the top of the lid.

Peeled the tape off before it cured.

I decided to use a different piece of hinge pin than the one which came with the hinge. I want the unlatch button to stay well centered in the soon-to-be hole in the lid, so using a pin which fills up the hinge eyes better than stock should help.

Squeezed the end hinge eye to keep the pin from sliding out this end.

At the other end, I made a little retainer so that I can get the pin out at a later time.

Then I refined the latch a bit (rounded the leading edge, and trimmed away some of the hook, and made the mating part of the latch which will be riveted inside the center arm rest compartment.

By this time, the first batch of micro had cured. I sanded it smooth.

There were still some low spots, so I mixed up another batch of micro, filled the low spots, and skim coated the top. It would be nice if the working time for this epoxy were just a little longer...maybe 10 minutes. It's really quite a challenge to get the epoxy mixed, mix in the microballoons, and apply to the part in the available working time.