Thu Jul 30 2020

Center arm rest

Today, the goal was to do the riveting around the top edges of the center arm rest compartment. To do the countersinking around the inside strip, I needed to use the angle drill. I made up a custom little stop tube to control the countersink depth.

Here it is in action.

After countersinking and squeezing all the rest of the rivets around the top edge, I was left with these two at the very forward end of the center compartment. They are too close to the forward face of the compartment for my angle drill with the stop tube.

Some amount of head scratching later, I had an idea and made up this little wood part and bent wire.

It was king of finickey to install some safety wire to hold this together, but it worked well.

Here's the final two rivets installed.

I just had to put the lid on to see how it looked. Not bad!

...and the other side.