Sat Aug 01 2020

Center arm rest

This morning, I made up a new, smaller button for the latch release on the lathe.

I cut it off with a hacksaw and drilled a shallow hole in this scrap of oak in order to sand it down flat with the disc sander.

After that I drilled the hinge to the lid.

...and countersunk for flush rivets.

I decided I wanted a strip of aluminum on the inside surface of the lid flange so that squeezing the rivets wouldn't bugger up the fiberglass.

With all the bits fabricated, drilled, deburred, and countersunk or dimpled as necessary, it was time to apply some primer. I'll leave these to dry through the rest of the day. In the morning when it is cooler, I'll work on priming and painting the lid. I imagine that will take a while, because there will undoubtedly be imperfections I find that need sanded, filled, sanded, ad. infinitum before the finish coat of paint can go on.