Thu Aug 06 2020

Center arm rest lid finished!

This morning, I assembled the rest of the components to the lid. Came out pretty well... not perfect, but plenty good.

After cleaning the shop, I drilled, countersunk, and riveted some nutplates for the bracket at the top end of the flap actuator tunnel.

Looking through the plans and instructions, I decided to drill the little hole for safety wire on the end of the flap actuator pushrod. The nut was really tight, so I made up some clamp blocks to hold the tube from rotating while backing off the nut.

Unfortunately, that particle board was too slippery. I made up another pair of blocks from some maple scraps. This did a good job of holding the tube, and I was able to remove the rod end.

In order to prevent metal shavings from getting in the jack screw, I cut off a 1/4-28 bolt, cut a slot in the end, and screwed it into the end of the flap actuator. I decided to drill mostly straight down, then drill from the side to intersect that first hole.

Well, crap. The drill bit snapped off when drilling through the side.

After some fussing, I was able to tap out the broken end.

...and reassembled the rod end to the flap actuator.