Fri Aug 07 2020

Flap actuator channel and parts organization

I looked and looked, but couldn't find the callout for these three rivets. I'm just going to assume they're AN470 rivets. Installed.

It took maybe 20 minutes of looking to find the thick doubler for this flap actuator attachment point. I started riveting it...

...but then realized it wasn't sitting flush to the inside surface of the flap actuator channel. I removed the rivets...

...and deepened the countersinks to accomodate the dimpled rivet holes in the side of the flap actuator channel.

All riveted up. Looks much better.

I spent about an hour and a half looking for two more little parts. One is an angle bracket and the other is a little tube spacer. Difficulty in finding parts has become a real time waster. Here you can see all the crap I had to take down from the shelves to find the little tube I needed.

I decided some organization was needed. Ran out to Target and got a bunch of storage bins, sorted, and labeled all the bits and bobs. Not everything is well organized, but this should be a big step forward...both in facilitating efficient work and in preserving my sanity.