Mon Aug 17 2020

Fuel vent line fittings, seat belt bushings, baggage sidewall nutplates

First thing this morning was to sand, file, and polish the new vent line fittings. They came out pretty well. Thanks again to my friend, Shane. :-)

Looking for remaining unfinished work before moving on to the canopy, I found that the baggage sidewall panels needed some nutplates installed along the bottom edge.

Most nutplates installed. I need two more of the single-lug variety. Placed an order with ACS.

I ran across the plan for the crotch strap bracket installation. It specified to use a 5/16" bolt rather than the 1/4" bolts used for the other seat belt straps. With these bushings being so small, it was a challenge to hold them while drilling up to 5/16". The result: the hole is no longer centered. Hrmpf.

So, I decided to make two new bushings. I drilled them up to 5/16 while chucked in the lathe.

Here they are. Better.

I also drilled the brackets themselves for the 5/16" bolt.

Note, because I'm using Crowe harnesses, the metal tabs at the end of the straps are shaped differently necessitating a different hole location.