Mon Aug 24 2020

Master cylinder attach hardware

To the left of the calipers are four of the custom spacers I made yesterday. Thanks to my brother, Chris for letting me use his lathe and mill to machine these. Getting started on the modification of the bolts, I hacked the head off my first test piece. I also modified a little hex spacer to act as a stop when pressing the bolt shanks into the spacers.

Here is one spacer pressed onto a bolt shank, ready for silver soldering. I calculated how much silver solder was needed...only a piece about .100 long. Parts were cleaned and fluxed prior to heating.

Here's the first one. I haven't drilled the holes through the pedal tabs yet, so the custom fastener is just propped up on top, but this should give an idea of how it's going to work. The end going through the master cylinder needs trimmed a bit and threaded.

Four custom fasteners completed. I need to get some bluing compound to finish these. In case anyone is interested in making their own, I created a drawing for reference.