Sat Aug 29 2020

Bluing brake pedal studs, fitting elevator trim, and shop fan

The bluing compound I ordered arrived yesterday.

Easy peasy. Looks good.

I started working on fitting the elevator trim cable. I'm pretty sure I have the wrong cable. Since I have fuel injection, the AFP fuel pump kind of gets in the way of the cable routing, so Van's recommends getting the 191" cable instead of the 181" cable. I called Van's yesterday to see if they could help me identify which cable I have, but haven't yet heard back. Depending on where I measure from and to on the cable, it could be either 181" or 191". It kind of doesn't matter. If this is the correct cable (191"), that's great. However, if it's the 181" cable, I'm going to have to make it work. A new cable is >$300, and I'm not willing to spend that. I didn't get far working on the cable routing because...

I decided I needed to install a fan in the shop. It gets quite hot in the afternoons in the summer, and it sure would be nice if there was moving air to help stay comfortable. It doesn't look like much, but this took the rest of the day. :-/