Sun Aug 30 2020

Routing elevator trim cable

When I put the fuel pump in place in the fuselage, I noticed that the band clamp was pressing down slightly on some of the adel clamps below it. So, I moved it to one end of the slot, but that necessitated adding a second clamp near the other end of the slot.

Here's how the trim cable end sits relative to the fuel pump.

It took me quite a while to locate the drawing which showed whether the trim cable was to be routed to the right or left of centerline (it goes on the left). So, I installed snap bushings in all the bulkheads the cable needs to pass through.

When I started feeding the cable through the first bushing, it didn't want to fit. Here's why: the bushing measures .447 ID...

...but the swaged end of the cable is .454 OD. Arg. It turns out it wasn't a big deal. Some pushing and wiggling was effective to push the end through each bushing.

Got it out the aft deck. There was still more cable to be pulled through, so there is another couple feet of free cable than is shown in this photo.

At the forward end, it's going to be a challenge to bend the cable tightly enough to mate up with the head. I'll do some reading on VAF this evening to see what others have to say about this.