Mon Aug 31 2020

Fitting elevator cable

In order to work on fitting the elevator cable in the cabin area, I need to get it mounted in final position at the tail. So, I had to put the horizontal stabilizer on. Installing the HS required moving the engine stand, which, in turn, required moving my materials sled from under the fuselage. This is the time when the decision to put everything on wheels really paid off. It was trivial to move both items, making room for the HS.

Hrm...there's an oil spot on the floor under where the engine was. That's not good. :-/

I marked the location to drill for a snap bushing in order to route the elevator trim cable through the front spar of the horizontal stabilizer.

Took the HS back off to drill it.

In order to feed the end through the hole in the aft spar, I used a piece of house wiring and bent a hook into the end. The flashlight helped see what was going on inside the HS.

Uhh...Houston...we have a problem. This cable doesn't want to fit through the rear spar.

Well, that's why...the plans had me drill a 7/16 (.438) diameter hole. But, you may recall from yesterday that the swaged fitting on the cable is .454 OD. Umm, yeah...that's not going to fit.

Initially, I thought I was going to be relegated to filing this hole a little larger since I can't use a unibit to drill it up due to the presence of the rear spar bars. Fortunately, I had an idea. Tape the unibit to a stick, and feed it through the hole from the inside out...

...then chuck onto the tip of the unibit with the drill. I actually remembered to run the drill the opposite direction (counter clockwise).

Drilled, deburred, and vacuumed up all the drill shavings and filings. Fits now!

After installing the left elevator (no pic, sorry), I retrieved these parts from one of my bins.

Drilled the nut weldment, then match drilled it to the cover plate.

OK, this position should be good enough to evaluate the fit of the trim cable in the cabin.

There's definitely enough length of cable to clear the fuel pump and it's housing. However, it looks like I'm going to need to change the angle of the plate where the cable head is mounted.

At the aft end, I'm thinking of fabricating and adding a little support bracket where I can use an Adel clamp to secure the cable. This piece of angle is just a mock up.