Thu Sep 03 2020

Misc priming, brake cylinder and pedal assembly, trim cable restraint riveting, and flap actuator bracket riveting

Got to work this morning priming a bunch of miscellaneous parts. Note, the elevator cover plate where the trim cable comes out is already primed, but it seems too light of a coat. I'm going to add another coat.

My replacement parts from Matco had come in a couple days ago, so I got to work disassembling the pistons and rods in preparation for reassembly.

Cleaned everything. Ready to be put back together.

All done.

...or so I thought. Looks like I put the spacers in the wrong cylinders. The pedals are all outta whack. F#*ck! Gotta take all four of these back apart.

Okay, that wasn't too bad. Maybe 15 minutes and the pedals are much better aligned now.

I torqued the nuts on my little spacers and was planning to apply torque seal until I found this. I don't think this tube is supposed to rattle when you shake it. Sigh.

Since the single-lug nutplates had come in a while back, I dimpled and riveted two of them on to one of the baggage side covers.

Reinstalled the six nutplates previously removed from the fuel pump mounting plate. Three on this side and three on the other side.

Riveted on the trim cable attachments.

Hrm...the aft one puts an unnecessary bend in the trim cable. I think I'll remake this one with the vertical tab shifted over maybe 1/2" or so.

I riveted on this little bracket for the flap actuator mount and assembled the flap actuator to this channel. The plans have me include an extra thin washer under the castle nut, but doing so would prevent the cotter pin from going in.

Also riveted a nutplate to this little cable brace for the back deck. It will stay attached with Clecos until later. I'm just going to use a couple pop rivetes to attach this.