Fri Sep 04 2020

New cable restraint bracket and firewall and rudder stop riveting

This morning, I removed the aft cable restraint bracket from the fuel pump mounting plate.

Fabricated a replacement with the zip tie tab shifted over by 1/2" from the prior version.

Used the old bracket to match drill the new one.

Around noon, my brother, Chris, came over to help put in some rivets. The brackets supporting the bottom center mounting points of the motor mount had never been riveted. We also riveted on these two red doubler plates (one is already covered in blue tape to prevent the sun from fading out the anodizing).

We also drove / bucked the forward two rivets on the rudder stops on each side. They came out great.

I had primed the new cable restraint bracket earlier in the day, and riveted it on before calling it a day.