Sat Sep 05 2020

Tail cover plates and baggage area LED strip

Yesterday, Chris was nice enough to bring over his close quarters yoke yesterday. Today, I put it to work dimpling the nutplate holes for the elevator horn access covers under the horizontal stabilizer.

Installed the nutplates.

Also installed this little nut / weldment on the left elevator cover plate.

Now that the trim tab cable is routed, I need to route the remaining items from the tail and center portion of the fuselage forward. As I see it, that is (working from aft to front):

  • Tail strobe wires
  • Vanity light wires
  • Transponder antenna coax
  • Static line
  • ADSB antenna coax
  • Pitch servo wires
  • ELT antenna coax
  • Baggage area LED strip wires
  • Map light wires
  • Roll servo wires
  • Port and starboard comm antennas coax
  • Port and starboard nav light and strobe wires
  • Smoke oil pump wires (right wing)
  • Port and starboard capacitive fuel sender coax
  • Port and starboard capacitive dielectric sensing coax
  • Electric fuel pump wires
  • ...I'm probably forgetting some things...

All of this stuff needs routed, so I just picked a place to start...the LED strip for the baggage area. Tested it out here. Only draws .15A, so 22 ga wire should be fine.

Soldered on some leads.

Added some heat shrink and a bit of Kapton tape.

Hrm...something is going on. At the aft end (left in this pic), the LEDs are well aligned with the holes.

The problem appears to be between the 3rd and 4th LEDs. WTF?

Ahh, there's a splice there and the manufacturer didn't get the spacing the same as the rest of the LEDs.

Also, I realized that I can't mount these yet. I need to paint this cover first. Here it is after scuffing and applying Rustoleum primer.

So, time to desolder the factory splice.

Resoldered. Now the spacing matches within .002 or less.