Wed Sep 23 2020

Forward fuselage and canopy structure

I managed to get the forward and aft bulkhead simulator jigs clamped to the firewall and canopy frame jig. In both cases, the top edge is flush with the top edge of their respective parts.

Here's a view from the front. You can see how the bulkhead simulators are flush with the top edge of the firewall, and the top edge of the canopy structure further back.

With the canopy structure jig (plywood sheet) now positioned correctly, you can see that the canopy frame is pretty warped.

I added some toe clamps to hold the aft half of the bulkhead simulator jig to the canopy frame jig spanning across the width of the fuselage. Tomorrow, I'll probably start working on straightening the canopy frame. It's going to take some (re)welding in order to straighten the flanges of the canopy frame where they're welded to the formed side plates that extend aft.