Fri Oct 02 2020

Building up canopy frame weldment arms

The epoxy and flox from yesterday had cured, so I sanded it down slightly below the line from the front bow to the aft (tube) bow.

Then mixed up a batch of micro and applied a "ridge" along the top surface.

I doubled up some packing tape sticky side to sticky sice and set it in place atop the ridge.

...then used a piece of particle board to squish the ridge down flat. This will cure and be nearly at the final level, just needing a bit of sanding to level it out between the two bows.

I broke out a piece of .032 thick sheet with the intention of replicating this sub panel, but out of a single piece of material. I could see that I'm going to need access to a 4' brake to make the bottom flange bend as well as the slight bend across the middle. I checked with some former colleagues if I could use the brake in their shop, but, unfortunately, with coronavirus, they're not permitted to have visitors. So, I put out a call on VAF for someone who has a 4' brake nearby. If that doesn't work, I'll take my brother, Chris's, recommendation to check with one of the local EAA chapters.

The ribs which go in front of that sub panel will need some ~14" bends...longer than the 1' long brake I have setup. Fortunately, I picked up this 2' brake at an estate sale a while ago. It's just been in storage until now, so I decided to get it out and assembled. It has quite a bit of surface rust, but I used some Rust Free (from the makers of Boelube) and sandpaper to clean up the bending plate. The fingers are also rusty, but they will be covered with some layers of aluminum to achieve the proper bend radius. A bit more setup is needed, but this brake is nearly ready to go.