Tue Oct 06 2020

Forming and cutting sub panel

Went to Dick Rupe's hangar this morning. Nice guy. Didn't take long to make these two bends in this sheet of .032 thick 2024-T3. I will say that the brake was barely capable of making this bend. The bending plate experienced enough deflection that the flange was somewhat under-bent near the middle. I adjusted it with seaming pliers once I arrived home.

I used my electric shears to cutout the rough shape of the top curve. Afterward, I matched the longeron notch and rivet holes from the old sub panel parts on the right side. I only made the longeron notch on the left side...I'll match drill through the fuselage parts for the rivet holes on the left side.

Hrm...even when pivoting the sub panel diagonally across the fuselage, it's a bit too wide to fit into the longerons. Worst case, I will have to split this part. Going to think about alternate methods of getting this into position.