Sun Oct 18 2020

Fabricating sub panel ribs

For the third time, I fabricated this rib. This one came out OK. I'm going to have a couple mis-matched holes on the forward flange and the sub panel, but I'll deal with that later.

Time to work on the next (right, inboard) rib.

Rib clamped in place via the aft flange. Using a scale spanning the firewall and the canopy frame weldment bow to determine what angle the top flange needs to follow.

On the outboard rib, the top flange needed to be bent to 97 degrees. Here's a back view of my machinists protractor (ignore the dimension drawn on it) set to match the angle of the firewall where the inboard rib sits.

Looks like the top flange of the inboard rib needs bent to 86.5 degrees.