Sat Oct 24 2020

Canopy forward skin

Trimmed the skin to toughly match the outline of Van's skin. Left maybe 1/4" extra all around. Also used the pancake drill to transfer a handful of holes from the bow through the skin.

Then, matched up Van's skin to mine and used a fine point Sharpie to mark the rivet locations for the tube onto my skin.

Before drilling those, I wanted to check how they would be positioned relative to the width of the bow, so I traced the (composite buildup on the) tube onto the inside surface of the skin.

As I thought may be the case, drilling at those locations would result in them being slighty off center. So, I made a little drilling guide in order to help center the holes up between the lines.

Drilled the holes through the tube bow in the center portion of the skin. Looks good resting on the fuselage.

...but since I hadn't cut the slots for the ears yet, the skin was being held off the triangle side gussets of the weldment.

Before cutting those slots, the skin needed trimmed up to the line.