Sun Oct 25 2020

Canopy forward skin

Cut the slots for the little "ears" and filed everything (around the aft-ish profile of the skin) smooth.

Before drilling the rest of the holes through the tube, I'll need to buildup the top surface of the tube near the ends. You may recall that I delayed building up and contouring this area due to uncertainty about the skin profile in this area as it transitioned from the bows to the triangle gussets.

In preparation for building up with flox and epoxy, I made a couple side dams from some scrap aluminum. Here's the one on the forward surface.

With little dams on both sides of the tube, I mixed up a batch of flox and epoxy and filled it up. I also added a buildup on the forward bow where that flange is somewhat lower than the outer surface of the triangle gusset.

Kind of hard to see what is going on here, but after spraying the skin with mold release, I clecoed the skin on and used some duct tape to pull the skin down around the triangle gusset on the side. Hopefully, the mating surface of the flox mixture will set up with the correct contour.