Tue Oct 27 2020

Canopy forward skin

The epoxy and flox had cured since Sunday. The skin released just fine, but this blue tape didn't. Had to pretty much sand it off. No problem...there was plenty of other sanding to refine the contour on the two bows anyway.

After a bunch of sanding, checking, sanding, and checking some more, the contours on both bows were sufficiently formed to ensure a smooth skin profile.

BTW, here's what the buildup looks like on the forward bow.

Then it was time to repeat the process for the left side. I'm using packing tape this time instead of the blue tape. Epoxy definitely doesn't stick to packing tape. Also, I reduced the height of the dams on the sides of the round tubes. The buildup on the right side was a bit too much and required a lot of sanding to bring it down to the final size.

Epoxy and flox mixture applied.

...and skin installed and pulled down with duct tape. Hopefully these contours will be a bit closer to final size than what I had on the right side. Would be nice to reduce the amount of sanding required.