Sat Oct 31 2020

Custom right angle drill

The passage for the input shaft took a bit of tweaking, but came out reasonably well. This long drill bit will be sacrificed to make the input shaft.

For the guides for the output shaft / drill bit, I'm using a piece of .040 thick with a thru-hole and a piece of .063 with a blind hole.

After cutting down the drill bit, it's starting to take shape.

I pressed the gears onto the input shaft and output shaft.

Long drill bit marked for cutting. After cutting, I tapered the shaft a bit and pressed on the 1/4-20 adapter.

After riveting, I think this has at least a chance of working. It's not perfectly smooth, but I only need to drill perhaps a dozen holes, so it doesn't have to be the most robust unit. (It's definitely not)

Here's a comparison of the nose clearance of my various right angle drilling devices. On the left is the Sioux drill. Then the pancake drilling adapter (with nose ground down), and lastly, the little custom right angle drilling adapter. We'll give it a try tomorrow (fingers crossed).