Sun Nov 01 2020

Canopy forward skin

Here's how my little 90 degree adapter is going to work.

A close-up view. Barely enough space for this to work.

You may recall that I left the forward-most rivet out yesterday. That was apparently not a good idea...the first attempt to drill a hole resulted in the bit guide plates flexing and lots of gear teeth skipping over each other. Not sure how the teeth stayed attached to the gears, but they did. Having learned my lesson, I installed the forward rivet.

Okay...that was pretty terrible. Yet...sufficient to accomplish what was needed. Each time the bit would start to break through the skin, the bit would stall and the input shaft would slip in the press fit ID of the input gear. I managed to get all ten holes started, but not drilled all the way through.

Here are the tiny holes made when the bit would start to break through.

A closer view of two holes near one of the gooseneck pivots.

With the skin removed, the holes just needed drilled the rest of the way through using a regular drill bit.

After deburring all the holes, I put the skin back on to evaluate how the skin would make the bend on the sides where the skin transitions from the curved section of the frame triangle arms to the flat area of those same arms. Not being sure what to do, I looked at a bunch of other builder's websites and it seems that folks usually just flex the skin over the bend. It doesn't make for a very crisp transition. Maybe I'll use that approach or maybe I'll try to an actual bend in the right location.