Wed Nov 11 2020

Canopy forward skin

Made a test part for the other (right) side of the canopy bow.

Then it was time to transfer drill the holes from the first custom skin (the one with the horrible bend attempt) to the new skin. Laid one atop the other and just drilled thru.

With the new canopy forward skin drilled to match the weldment, I clecoed the test bend parts on each side and transferred the bend line from the test part to the skin.

I also extended the little slots for the ears down to this bend line. Filed everything smooth (no pic, sorry).

Making the bend for the left side of the skin.

...then the right side.

First test on the weldment. Looks pretty good. I haven't curled the skin yet, so it pulls somewhat.

Looking good, though. Love how I'm left with a flat region which will match nicely with the flat side skirt.

Curled the ends of the skin...

...and installed it back on the frame for a test fit on the fuselage. This looks fantastic. I still need to drill the bottom row of holes through the triangle gusset arms to the skin, but the bends came out great. They transition from ~24 degrees near the ear to no bend (just curl) at the forward end. Very pleased with the result.