Mon Nov 23 2020

Sub panel top edge flanges

Modified some pieces cut from the bending blocks (for the canopy skin) to work as a deeper fluting tool. If possible, I'd like to flute the flanges of the outermost sub panel flanges rather than curving them with the shrinker.

Clamped up in the vise for a test.

Yeah...that top piece just wasn't strong enough. Predictable result. Sigh.

Tried using the bottom two lobes of the fluting tool and a rod and mallet just to see if it was going to be possible to flute this part enough. That's actually not too bad.

More than enough curvature.

While thinking about how to make a more robust deep fluting tool, I cut a strip of .020 material 1/2" wide. This will be used to match the thickness of some .020 thick UHMW tape on the underside of the leading edge of the canopy skin.