Mon Jan 18 2021

Sub panel top edge flanges build my own heat treating oven. So, yeah...this is what I've been working on for the past six weeks or so. It'll run on 110 or 220VAC. On 220, it has around 3.7kW of heating capability. I tested it over this past weekend and was able to achieve 2000 F, so it'll be useful for heat treating steel on some future projects. Aluminum needs less than half of that. The interior dimensions are around 6" wide, 11" high, and around 28" deep. The bricks were the most expensive single component. Purchased those online for around $175 including shipping. The frame is made from an old bed frame one of my neighbors was tossing out, and the electrical enclosure sheet metal was sourced from a two drawer filing cabinet someone was giving away in our little town.

I roughly cut a couple sheets of 2024-T3 large enough to form the top flanges from. I propped them up with a couple stainless angles I formed from some sheet stainless.