Tue Jan 19 2021

Sub panel top edge flanges

Pulled the aluminum out of the oven this morning. They definitely got hot. They're no longer nice and flat, and there are some slight indentations where they were propped up on the stainless supports. No worries...compared to the amount of forming these are going to see, those little indentations are nothing. I snipped off a bit of one edge... definitely seems soft compared to the -T3 temper.

Unfortunately, the smoke got out of my power switch towards the end of the cool-down phase. I can't imagine what the problem might be...there's a fan in the cabinet to keep all the electronics cool, and this switch was listed as a 15A switch on the eBay add from which I acquired it. Yes, I am running this slightly over 15A...more like 16A...but that's less than 10% over the rating, and I'm sure there is some safety factor built into this thing.

Found the problem...the ad on eBay was...how do I say...inaccurate. Advertised switch current rating: 15A. Actual switch rating: 6A. So, I'm kinda surprised it lasted as long as it did.

So, I spent most of the day swapping in a new switch. This one is actually rated at 16A, so hopefully it will not cook itself. Sigh. Oh, well...I imagine a few teething problems are to be expected. Also for today, I dug all the oak boards out from my wood pile in preparation for making the forming tools I'll need to form these flanges. Tomorrow, I should be able to get started planing, cutting, and glueing those boards into blocks.