Tue Feb 23 2021

Fabricating canopy latch

Since the latch handle came out so well yesterday, I decided to do the same thing with the locking part of the latch.

Came out great.

Here I'm positioning the latch handle on one of the angles while using a scrap piece of .032 aluminum so that he latch handle is flush to the outside of the plane when latched.

Latch handle and locking part clamped in place, ready to be match drilled to the angle.

It was such a nice day...Snickers came out with me to keep a watchful eye out for Kerin to return from running errands. Watching can be hard work, though. Time for a nap.

After match drilling the latch handle and locking latch, I needed to file out the clearance notch for the rod eye where the canopy pushrod connects to the latch handle.

Got both parts notched out, then drilled the rivet hole pattern using a 1/16" starter drill.

Clamped the two angles together, match drilled them .063, then drilled the holes (still matched up) using a #40 bit.