Fri Apr 02 2021

Oven testing

I built a fan to circulate air around in the oven. This is not a very integrated installation at this time...It's powered by a separate outlet. Also, I'll probably need to remove it in order to store the oven when I'm not using it.

The fan definitely makes a difference. Now, the front thermocouple initially heats up before the rear which is connected to the Fluke meter. Note, I've switched to Farenheit on both the controller and meter as opposed to prior testing.

...but at higher temperatures, there's still a significant disparity...around 700 F, there's a ~30 F difference between front and back.

...and the difference gets worse as the temperature increases. Around 900 F, the difference is ~80 F.

Also, my fan motor overheated and shut down. Not from the heat of the oven, mind you. Just from running continuously. Apparently this motor expects cooling from an attached fan, which isn't possible in my case. More problems, sigh.