Thu Apr 29 2021

Forward and canopy skins transition

The upper, forward fuselage ribs which support the sub panel were previously notched to permit space for the continuous strip which will occlude water from dripping down on the avionics through the gap between the forward fuselage skin and the canopy skin. Looks like I need to notch them back another 1/16".

After that, I made up two layers of .025 thick strips to temporarily position on top of the sub panel top flanges to confirm the fit of the canopy skin.

Then, I realized that I really need the lower of those two layers to be the wider strip of material which will span the gap between the two skins. Got started marking and cutting that out. I used Van's upper, forward fuselage skin as a guide for the slight bit of curvature at the joint.

Partially fabricated. The tabs which are shown in this photo as laying over the top of the ribs will actually get notched creating two separate tabs which will, in turn, be positioned below the rib flanges.