Mon May 03 2021

Match drilling popup tipup arms

In order to make more progress on the rain gutter strip, I need to lock the canopy frame in the correct position. The most logical way to do this is to drill the popup tipup arms to the goosenecks of the canopy frame weldment, and also to the upper, forward fuselage ribs. I match drilled these up to 1/4". The holes in the gooseneck arms will eventually need to be drilled (reamed) up to 3/8" to accomodate the bronze bushing which needs to be pressed in.

I actually used a reamer to get these to .250" so they would be a good fit for a 1/4" bolt.

After drilling both gooseneck arms, I positioned the canopy frame and popup tipup arms in the space between the ribs. Because the ribs hadn't been drilled yet, there wasn't room for a 1/4" bolt to join the popup tipup arms to the goosenecks. I cut a couple stubs of 1/4" rod to temporarily install at those pivot points. Clamped the arms in the correct position using some 1/8" aluminum scraps as spacers.

Lots of clamping, drilling, removing and reinstalling ribs, etc... later, both of the popup tip arms were drilled to the ribs. The canopy frame is now well positioned so i can get back to fitting the rain gutter strip.