Thu May 06 2021

Popup tipup ribs and doublers

Filed the slots for the right hand ribs and doublers.

Time to heat treat the remaining three doublers. The last one warped a bit and needed some straightening, so for these, I made a little flat shelf to rest them on. Hopefully it will reduce warpage.

No, that didn't help.

No worries...a bit of shrinking had it flattened out.

After removing and quenching the first doubler, the front of the oven was quite a bit cooler than the back. While recovering the temperature for the second doubler, the back of the oven became elevated in temperature. Interestingly this didn't occur after the removing and quenching the second rib. The temperature recovery of the oven kept both the front and back of the oven within temp limits. Clearly this oven isn't ready for prime time.

Here are the three doublers after solution heat treatment and whatever straightening was needed.