Sat May 08 2021

Fitting panel brackets

After successfully match drilling the top, #30 hole, I did the same for the bottom #40 hole (ultimately drilled up to #30), and once again match drilled through the panel for a #8 screw. Here, the bracket flanges have been trimmed down to the correct width, but the overall length of the bracket still needs trimmed down.

...thusly. There should actually be two pieces of scrap shown in this from either end of the bracket, but the cutting disc sent the first flying off to some unknown corner of the shop never to be seen from again.

After getting that bracket completed, I decided to work on the F-703B angle which is notched out and riveted to the curved, top edge of the panel as a stiffener. The plans call for a piece of angle that is 21 3/32 long on either side of the centerline, or 42 3/16 long overall. Incredibly, I had a piece of aluminum angle almost exactly this long (within 1/32"). Is this coincidence? I'm pretty sure this is a leftover piece from some extra stock I bought way back when. It was cut with a hacksaw rather than a rotating blad as is evident on Van's supplied stock. Whatever the case, it's just about the right length.

I deburred the edges (but not the corners of the edges...I'll get those once the blue plastic comes off) of the panel.

Picking off some miscellaneous tasks. Time to fit the VA-104 knob to the canopy latch handle.

Hole drilled in the handle. Just need to screw this in position, but I don't know what screw to use. I e-mailed Van's support who shared that it should be an MS24693-S274. It's a 10-32 screw similar to an AN507 screw, but fully threaded. I'm going to need to find that screw.