Tue May 18 2021

Fitting canopy latch tube

These bearing blocks for the canopy latch tube need drilled, but I found this note written to myself on the plans. Apparently I made a little template some eons ago...

Found it! This may be the only time I've been able to find a part I'm looking for without wasting most of an afternoon. Small victories, sigh.

I cut this wood strip to exactly the width between the skins. Before drilling the bearing blocks, I want to be absolutely sure they will fit between the skins. If it looks like it's going to be too tight, I could offset the holes slightly from the centerline. With this strip in position, I traced through the mounting holes in the sides of the F-705 bulkhead.

...positioned the strip atop the canopy latching torsion tube and the bearing blocks.

With the starboard side F-705 holes aligned with the centerline of one bearing block...

I can see the centerline of the other bearing block is about 1/64" too far spread. No worries...this is so close that I'm just going to sand down the end of the tube slightly so I can keep the bearing block mounting holes on their respective centerlines.

Used my little drilling template (still can't belive I actually found it) to start the holes in the aft face of the bearing blocks.

Snickers was hanging out with me this morning. He's so stinkin' cute.

Drilled up to #10.

Since I'm going to sand off ~1/64" of this tube, I'll do the sanding on the right hand side so this hook aligns better with the slot. (you have to look through the square hole in the green part to see to what I'm referring.