Fri Jun 25 2021

Fitting canopy brace parts

I tweaked this center piece fo the canopy brace kit with the shrinker and stretcher so it would have a curvature to match the (slight) curvature of the canopy frame in between the gooseneck arms. Positioned and match drilled it to the canopy frame and skin.

Then it was time to fit and drill the first of two side pieces of the canopty brace kit. I attempted forming these flanges using an edge rolling tool. That didn't go very well...I'll use a different approach for the next one. Also, this part just doesn't fit all that well. some stretching is required to make the flanges follow the flange of the canopy frame.

Definitely not the prettiest, but here's what i ended up with. I have yet to form the flanges around the lightening holes. Also, there are lots of marks that need polished out from when I used the edge roller to bend the flanges.