Fri Jul 02 2021

Fitting canopy brace parts

When you form the flanges around the lightening holes, the brace takes on a bow in the wrong direction, so it needs some finessing to get it to hold the correct curvature.

Then it was time to position and drill the little splice tabs on either side of the lightening hole slots. Jo made these, and the look good. Unfortunately, for the outboard-most lightening hole, the slot became wider when I did a bit of stretching around the bottom of that hole, so I had to make a couple new splice tabs that were slightly longer (1/8"). This went pretty quick as I was able to use Jo's as a drill guide for the holes at either end.

The plans just have you leave the aft-facing edge of the canopy skin (which serves) as the glare shield as just a bare sheet metal edge. I decided that, in the event of an accident, were my face to come in contact with that glare shield edge, I'd like it to be more forgiving than just a bare edge. So, I decided to form and fit a piece of 3/8" tubing to that edge. First step was to unroll a few feet of 3003 soft aluminum tubing and run it through my tubing straightener to make it arrow straight.