Sat Jul 03 2021

Glare shield edge protection tube

I had previously used this form as a stiffener back when I was fitting the sub panel. The curvature was pretty close to what was needed for the tube to follow the edge of the glare shield, so I gently bent the tube around this form.

After some tweaking and trimming the ends, I had the curve well matched to the canopy skin.

Then used a cutting disc in the die grinder to slit the forward face of the tube to allow it to fit over the edge of the glare shield. Here I'm about 1/3 done slitting the length of the tube.

All done! This tube got quite hot during slitting. You can see the benchtop mat was partially melted in several places due to the heat.

That fits perfectly! It's only temporarily installed...I'll need to determine the path of the edge of the canopy as it is bonded to the canopy skin in order to decide if I need to trim the ends of this tube some more before it is permanently bonded in place. Blue tape on top and bottom prevents the very rough slit from marking the skin up too badly until final bonding.