Sat Jul 10 2021

Canopy latch handle knob screw

I received a small order from Vans yesterday containing the special screw used for attaching the yellow knob to the canopy latch handle. I also ordered replacement 3/8" diameter 4130 tubing for holding the canopy release pins. I have no idea where the original pieces went, but now that the replacements have arrived, I should find them any day now. Sigh.

Okay, I don't know why Van's specified this screw. Honestly it doesn't seem long enough. It barely goes through the 1/8" thick tab of the aluminum canopy latch handle and doesn't screw into the far side of the knob at all. What I need is an AN509-10R14. Here's a #8 version of that same screw to show how it will extend through the tab and screw into the knob.