Mon Jul 26 2021

Silver soldering popup tipup bellcranks

Ready to solder the second bellcrank! There's a loop of solder hidden under that flux.

Okay, the soldering went well, but immediately after soldering, I realized that I hadn't set the position of the tube relative to the bellcrank. So, I spent the next three hours unsoldering this one, then cleaning the parts...which required filing and sanding the excess solder away so that the parts would fit back together.

After repositioning, and resoldering, then a bit of cleanup, the part looks decent. Still struggling with that issue of the solder plating out on the flat surface.

Now time to do the first of the right side bellcranks. These have the solder fillet on the opposite side, so hopefully the improved access will ease the process.

Yes, indeed...that went much better.

Snickers came out to join me while Kerin was at the grocery.

All five bellcranks soldered, and three are cleaned up.

Everything cleaned up. Just need an alcohol wipe down, then priming. After this photo, I wiped these parts down with alcohol along with a bunch of aluminum parts that need primed. It was too breezy (thus, dusty) to do the priming today. It's supposed to be calmer in the morning, so I'll get everything primed up then.