Tue Jul 27 2021

Priming and canopy stop bearing brackets

To prevent rust from setting in, I primed all the steel parts as well as a number of aluminum parts.

Jo has been coming over more-or-less weekly and made these brackets for mounting a bearing which will serve as a stop for the gas struts when the canopy is down. He's going to be working on something new come next week, so I decided to do a bit of cleanup. In order to square up the edges, I clamped them both up along a common edge and filed with the file spanning both parts. This worked well, and the edges look nice and even.

I also used a bit of sandpaper to polish out any scratches.

After rounding off the corners, I again clamped both parts up and used some sandpaper to polish all the edges. The parts look very nice now. Thanks to Jo for the help. :-)